Ubisoft’s producer has made it pretty much clear that the Far Cry 3, a sequel to the previous series is on its way to development with many changes far_cry_3which is the only reason that the developers had not released anything, big or small. It is expected that now, after this long time in which they did not release any thing, they would surely give the audience a surprise package. The game is under development and it is taking a whole lot of time for the only reason that there will be many changes, and surprises that the game will see. There are two ways one can produce a game, one is just release the sequel one after the other or wait for some time, make the changes that the people do not like, put in the game whatever the previous one was lacking and then release it so that the gamers do not get disappointed even a bit. Ubisoft is expected to take up the latter strategy for the release of the Far Cry 3. The African environment that had been forgotten after the release of the first game in the year 2004 is likely to be seen in the Far Cry 3. Also Far Cry 3 is expected to make use of an all new engine, superb graphics, mind blowing features and so much more. If the Far Cry 3 will be released then this is for sure that there will be no big hit than it as the developers seem to working day and night with all their might to make the game the biggest release of the next year, 2009. It is also heard that the developers are engaged in making some game for the Far Cry series, now if it is a sequel or another game for a different console is still not clear but whatever game that will be released for the Far Cry will be a hit now. Rumors are that the game will have a changed setting as to the . It may not be an island as many people had started flinching from it. May be, this sounds more like the come back of the previous that was initially used in the year 2004. You never know what Ubisoft is upto these days. Let us all wait and watch.

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6 comments for this entry:
  1. DasviDuniya

    This game will be a huge hit as they are making many changes which will make the game quite better… :)
    i would love to buy this game…. :P nice post :)

  2. chris marker

    dasviDuniya… i think far cry 3 would not be so great… they are trying to change the pattern of the game which i think will not be nice :| :(

  3. Anonymous

    chris marker…i think it would be great as hell…

  4. chris marker

    Yea it shud be !! i guess :D

  5. Jr. Dee

    Farcry 3 Abnormaly Good…92/100

  6. phil ward

    cannot wait for this every single mate on live got this game and we constantly on it for months please hope they keep the map editor (hopefully edited maps can be used on rank matches)

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