General Vladimir gets frustrated with Yuri’s manipulation of Romanov and thus threatens Yuri by calling him a traitor. Yuri, listening to this, frames Vladimir as if he has murdered Romanov in the hospital bed and then, tells the player to reach Washington, D.C. and meanwhile, eliminates Vladimir. The player defeats the forces of Vladimir with himself getting captured by Yuri’s psychic . A strike team from the Soviet of the psychic commandos is made to go to San Antonio, Texas for capturing the U.S. president Michael Dugan where the Soviets learn about the Allies development of a new super weapon in the U.S. Virgin Islands called the Weather Control Device. The Soviets, in response, establish an assault on the islands, thereby destroying the device much before it gets activated. Yuri then tells the Commander to reach Moscow so that they can thank the Commander in person while Lieutenant Zofia acknowledged the player about a Romanov had recorded that shows Yuri saying that he is controlling his mind and is a traitor and must be brought to justice. A large army is made to go to Moscow engaging with forces that are loyal to Yuri. The player launches a huge and devastating on the Kremlin b which Yuri is believed to be dead. The player comes to know that the Allies have a Chronosphere in Alaska which they come to know about through the files that belonged to Yuri where they attempt to launch a final assault on the Soviet Union by teleporting in Moscow and capturing the Kremlin. The strike force of the Soviet is sent to the Bering Strait to destroy the Chronosphere and all the Allied forces in that area with the player having the freedom to rule the world. Though, Yuri’s mind telepathically communicates with the commander saying that he must get a second chance which had survived somehow.

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